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Lost one waterski late this summer.Near the east end on the lake. It must have fallen or blown off our dock.
It’s black and not the newest model. Hoping that someone recovered it.

Cottage: 51
Dan MacLeod


We have had a family of otters living our old Aframe. Now that it is down, the otters might be looking for more luxurious digs.

Cottage: 89
Ramdy sulte
Floating dock found

Found floating dock belonging to cottage 162 and is now tied up at cottage 431

Canoe stolen

I have unfortunately had a Kevlar canoe stolen from my property. We are on an island and the thieves came up to the boathouse and walked away with my 16 foot Green Kevlar canoe. Will happily pay a reward for info 416-984-8382

Cottage: 398
John Walsh
Otter in Healy Lake??

Creature swam by our cottage at 11:00 this morning about 10 m from shore. Then submerged. I have seen numerous beavers in the past. This guy looked different Face like river otter. But he was 30 meters away when we saw him. Anybody know it otters populate this area

Cottage: 39 Foxback Rd
Jim Dunkley
4 plastic muskoka chairs found in lake

I also lost a black kyak paddle if anybody found it, I pulled the chairs out last Sunday Oct 8

Cottage: 133
Tom Knott

Dave you have done a fabulous job on the site. Envy of many cottagers on other lakes.

Cottage: 24
Jason Horton
Aluminum boat, trailer and motor

Selling a 12 foot aluminum boat, trailer and 9.9 2014 mercury motor. Includes fish finder and many other accessories.
It is located in Arthur, ON. I can provide pictures.
$3000 obo.

Mark Larson
Looking For Someone

I am wondering if there is anyone on the lake that has the required qualifications to draw up a set of drawing that are required for gaining a building permit…

Cottage: 25
Gary Burandt
Boat Missing from Fox back landing

My boat has disappeared from Fox Back landing. It’s a small, lightweight, 12 foot aluminum with a light blue interior.
In the event it appears somewhere, a tip would be much appreciated!

Cottage: 336

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